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Does it hurt?
No, not at all. It does not hurt but the initial stage of inserting the tube into the rectum may feel uncomfortable. However, just stay relaxed and use lubricant apply on the bottom before insert the tube.
Why warm coffee ?
The lukewarm coffee solution also helps to remove the accumulated and hardened stools stuck on our rectal walls, cleansing our colon, allowing for better absorption of nutrients and minerals.
Who Should NOT Do !!
Pregnant women, children below the age of 10, and people who have bleeding hemorrhoid, and recovering surgical wound are not encouraged to do coffee enema.


  •  Before Meal, doing the coffee enema with an empty stomach is recommended. After a meal, it is better to wait two to three hours before administering the coffee enema.
  • Once a day (any time at your convenience and always on an empty stomach)
  • After doing detox coffee , you should consume more water, yoghurt, fresh fruits or blended fruit juices and probiotics to help replenish electrolytes and good bacteria for your colons.
  • Make sure that the temperature is not too cold and too hot. Should be about 37-38 degrees Celcius.
  • Use clean water to mix coffee such as mineral water, distilled water, alkaline water or RO water.