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Nowadays people are facing with unavoidable pollution, therefore what they need is purity. Do you believe that Detoxification by 100% Organic Ozone Coffee make you feel your health clean inside that appear on your outstanding body outside.

Cordyceps X Red Lingzhi

Cordyceps sinensis gives fragrant smell; it is non-toxic; it has bitter and sweet taste. It can nourish yin-yang. Therefore, it has designation: "herb healing hundred types of fatigue". When it is used jointly with "Lingzhi (Ganoderma Lucidum)", it will make active efficiency to be more effective,
Cordyceps sinensis nourishes body and increases immunity against diseases, makes body to be fresh, helps relieve fatigue.
Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum)
Red Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) comprises polysaccharide helping delay cell degeneration. In addition, it has effect to increase efficiency of lymphocyte in management of virus, bacteria, or fungus infection. Therefore, Red Lingzhi helps body to manage with abnormal symptom to the system.
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What is the benefit of detoxing of the intestine to body?

When colon becomes toxic, it will not dispose of toxin effectively. Toxic substance occurring will be absorbed into bloodstream and start to be toxin to body. Detoxing is cleaning and removing of dirt and waste, food residue and toxic substance left in the intestine.

Feature one

It helps clean intestine, to wash stools and bacteria which are harmful to body and toxic substance.

Feature two

It is the exercise of muscles of intestine. Residue waste will result in weak intestine and so that the intestine will not do the duty fully.

Feature three

helps the intestine to have normal shape naturally. Medication or other treatments may only make intestine to return to the normal shape in short term only.

Feature four

Detoxification stimulates the response of several organs in the body, etc.
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